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A Year of Meal Plans

Jenolistic • Value $199

For the year of 2021 get a set of meals planned out for you, including a shopping list!


Abundant Energy Edit

Bridget Botelho • Value: $40

Your go-to workbook for assessing your energy levels, prioritizing easy ways to boost and sustain your energy, and creating a step-by-step plan to live your most vibrant and energetic life.


Hit the Reset Button

Beth Perry • Value $19.95

Are you ready to say goodbye to always being in pain, not to mention always feeling sick and tired? I know just how that feels and I bet you're ready to say "no more!" Ready to learn how to be energized and healthy? Take charge of your immune system! Don't just exist, live! Grab your FREE E-book and learn ways to prevent illness, ways to boost immunity, tips to gain vitality and energy. Say yes to YOU!


Eating for Autoimmunity

Alissa Frazier • Value $111

This mini-course will walk you through what foods are better and not the best for those with Autoimmune Disease. This course will also show you a tool for figuring out what foods are beneficial to your unique body!

72 Hour Detox-600

72 Hour Detox Challenge

Robyn Stoetzel RN, BSN • Value $49.95

In this guide, you will receive a simple yet effective way to kick-start your health! With these detox recipes, you will increase your energy, increase fat burning, increase focus, decrease inflammation, decrease toxins, and more!


The Good Mom Collective

Dr. Estie Alessandrini • Value $59.95

Tired of trying to be the perfect mom? Then The Good Mom Collective is your one-stop solution. This hands-on course with videos, workbooks and community support was created to help you be a beautifully calm and confident mom. The proven success methods will boost your parenting skills and end the mom guilt and overwhelm for good.


Reference Guide: Sources of Gluten & Gluten-Containing Ingredients

Dr. Sina McCullough • Value $20

There are hundreds of different gluten proteins.  Most products listed as "Gluten Free" are not truly gluten free.  This reference guide contains a list of ingredients and common foods that contain gluten.


All About AIP

Christian Allgood, FNTP, LE, AIP Certified  • Value $15

The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination protocol that has helped thousands of people reclaim their health. While following the AIP elimination phase we avoid foods that are known to cause inflammation, trigger the immune system and exacerbate intestinal permeability (leaky gut). In this I will tell you which foods to eat and which to avoid while following the AIP elimination phase, along with the reasons why.


Be Present Breathing Practice

Jacqueline Whyte

A Breathing Practice to reduce stress and bring calm.

Stress is the most common trigger to cause flare-ups.  This practice is to empower your journey in supporting your immune system by reducing stress.

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All-Access Pass



$120 $99
  • · Ongoing access to all 15 presentations ($705 value)
  • · Premium bonus content from our speakers including (details below)! ($600+ value)

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