March 18-21, 2021

Helping individuals with autoimmune disease improve their health with holistic methods

Have your doctors given up? Have you been told it's all in your head?

Ready to feel like your old self again?

The Autoimmune Strategies Summit consists of speakers who were in the same place as you — fed up with being sick. They knew there were real solutions out there and they were lucky enough to find them and now want to share those with you.

Learn which items in your home can cause flareups

Find a community of people who battle the same issues

Learn exercises you should do and the ones to stay away from

Learn the types of food that will help AND the ones that are making you sicker

Learn how to make brain fog, fatigue, and more be a thing of the past

Start feeling like yourself again!

The Autoimmune Strategies Summit will guide you through real solutions that have worked for others

Learn from speakers who have been in your place and have overcome their symptoms to gain back their energy, lose the brain fog and enjoy life again.

Take back your life!
Stop unintentionaly attacking your own body!


Don't miss out on any more life moments


Learn methods that might just put that pain behind you


Learn how you can be free and happy again

Learn how to live a lifestyle that can leave autoimmune symptoms behind


Meet Your Host

Jen Paganessi, Founder of Jenolistic

All within 3 years, Jen lost her father to cancer, developed Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) herself, and learned that her son had Hashimoto’s. With these 3 big changes, it sent her on a journey to figure out why we are all getting so sick. Quickly she began to discover how many chemicals we are exposed to every day, how bad the nutrition of our food has gotten, and just how much was missing from our modern lifestyles. After putting her EoE into remission she took to teaching others how to do the same.

The Autoimmune Strategies Summit Details


The Summit will take place online March 18-21.
There will be bonus fun in the community Facebook group on March 17


The summit is online so you can watch from anywhere there is an internet connection
Pants are optional!


Each day, new presentations will be released for viewing. Each one is about 20-30 mins in length. You will have 48 hours to view them. Need more time? Our All-Access Pass is available.


Once you are registered, be sure to check your email for a link to our Facebook community. This is where the fun and connections will happen... Oh, and did I mention prizes?


Anyone who is registered is eligible to win some prizes. I mean who doesn't love prizes?? Right? Most will be given in the Facebook group so get ready to be chatty and have a few smiles.


Don't miss out on a thing! Be sure to grad the All-Access pass so you can have long term access to the presentations PLUS access to over some really great bonuses from our speakers.

Why this summit?

There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

We are a group of individuals that have been where you are.

We like to share our success stories and to cheer you on to change your health. We know what it's like to be stuck in the bathroom or not having enough energy to take a shower.

We want to give you action steps that you can impliment right away.

Everyone heals at a different pace but you need to get started on your healing journey. Take that first step in learning to heal through natural methods.

The Speakers

Beth Perry
Cooking for Chronic Inflammation

Laura Clowdus, RN-C, BSN, AIP Certified Coach, Certified Wellness Life Coach
3 Mindset Strategies for Healing with Autoimmune Disease

Jacqueline Whyte
Reversing My Autoimmune Symptoms

Christian Allgood, FNTP, LE, AIP Certified 
Using Nutrition to Thrive with Autoimmune Disease

Alissa Frazier
Eating for Autoimmunity

Bridget Botelho
Energy is Everything: Your Holistic Solutions for Ditching Fatigue and Living Vibrantly

Robyn Stoetzel RN, BSN, CCAP
The AutoImmune Answer: Getting to the Cause

Dr. Sina McCullough
The Problem with "Gluten-Free" & How to Move Beyond It

Dr. Estie Alessandrini
Where Positive Parenting and Autoimmune Disease Meet

Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana
Journaling for Mindset and Tracking Flare Ups

Jen Paganessi
Could your house be making you sick? Learn how to ditch the toxins that are lurking in your home.

It's time to…

Stop letting your life drift by because of lack of energy!

Stop thinking there is nothing else you can do and start to feel good again!

Take back control and live your life to the fullest!

Change your lifestyle, change your outcome